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The international community of students in Barcelona.

Join our Forum to share your questions, interests and hobbies if you are going to live in Barcelona for a while. In our debate forums you will have the chance to meet students in the same situation as you are now, looking for language exchange, second-hand products, sharing an apartment, etc.

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Why Barcelona? Because Barcelona is an international and cosmopolitan city, with a wide range of leisure possibilities and high quality studies.

Living in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience

To help you have the best experience possible in Barcelona, we offer some information regarding the studies, as well as the accommodation and eating in Barcelona.

Click the following links to get all the information you might need, as well as the Cost of living in Barcelona or how to reach the city.

Living in Barcelona


And be part of the online community for international students in Barcelona.


I love Barcelona and I want to share it with you

My name is Alex Jaime and I am in love with my city, Barcelona, not just of the most touristic or well known places, but of the whole city!

That is why I started two projects that try to show a different side of Barcelona: the #BarcelonaGame (Instagram) and, of course, this website www.study-barcelona.com. Both projects are free of charge because my intention is no other than helping others to enjoy this beautiful and stunning city.

About us

Tips to #LiveInBarcelona

Everything you need to know before studying in Barcelona

Before going

What do you need to know before you move to Barcelona? In this page you will find all the information needed.

Costs in Barcelona

We offer general information about the costs of living in Barcelona: accommodation, food, transport, etc.

Reach Barcelona

All the information needed to reach Barcelona in any kind of transport.


We explain all of the paper work needed to study in Barcelona.

Living in Barcelona

Which options can be found in Barcelona? You can find all sort of accommodation and food depending on your budget.

Studying in Barcelona

Where do you want to study? We summarize the best universities and Business Schools in Barcelona.

Eating in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a wide range of options for eating, with a huge variety of restaurants and supermarkets of any kind.

Accommodation in Barcelona

There are infinite options of accommodation in Barcelona: from apartments to shared apartments, students residences, etc.
Share experiences and meet people in our debate groups


Language Exchange

In this group you will meet other students interested in practice your language. It is the best place to exchange and practice languages.

Share apartment

In this group you will meet other students who offer apartment or who are looking to share an apartment with somebody else.

Second Hand

In this group you could offer second-hand products for sale or you could get anything you need to lower costs.

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