Cost of living in Barcelona

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If you come from a country with Euro you can avoid this step. But if your currency is not the Euro, it is important to consider the exchange rate with the currency of your country. Here you can find a currency convertor so you can check it yourself.

Opening a bank account

If you need to be in Barcelona for a long period of time (more than three months), it is advised to open a bank account to have a credit card and have money disposal without the need of carrying a lot of cash. Besides it is the easiest way to get money to Barcelona (from your parents, scholarship, etc). Fortunately, opening a bank account is very easy in Spain. Most of the banks and the savings accounts only require your passport to do it. They have high commissions, but probably it is better than using a foreigner credit card, so it is worth it. Like everywhere else, there are a lot of different banks, and all of them can work, unless it exists a particular alliance between your bank and some Spanish bank. We recommend La Caixa basically because is the one with more ATMs spread all over Barcelona. It is not the cheapest, but it is the most practical one. If you are interested in saving and spending the less possible money, we recommend ING Direct. It is an online banking and they don’t charge any commission at all, but you only have 4B ATMs available to withdraw money.

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Cost of living in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in Spain, but it is cheaper than other European cities such as London, Paris, Rome or other big cities in Europe. But, what does it mean “cheap” or “expensive”? We will try to put it in a graphic way quantifying some basic stuff. Please remember that, like in every big city, the cost varies depending on the area you are. I will give you prices for both touristic areas are non-touristic areas so you can consider the whole range of prices. And remember that prices for touristic areas can increase to 1,5 or 2 the prices of other areas.


1,20 – 1,50 €


1,50 – 2,50 €


5 – 15 €


10 – 20 €


10 viajes – 10 €


100 – 300 €


From 250€ a room to 1.000€ an apartment

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