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University of Barcelona (UB)

The UB is the biggest public university of Barcelona, so you will probably will end up studying there. It is the biggest university, but it has its faculties spread all over the city, so it is very important that you check in which one are you going to study to consider in which area look for an accommodation. All of the faculties have great connections with the subway and buses, and you could probably reach any of them in maximum 45 minutes if you live in the city centre, because Barcelona is not such a big city.

Information about the faculties of the UB

Zona Universitaria - Palau Reial

Zona Universitaria – Palau Reial
Law, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
Diagonal, 643 • 08028 Barcelona

Subway: L3 (Palau Reial)

Campus Mundet

Campus Mundet
Psycology, Education.
Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 171 08035 Barcelona

Subway: L3

Campus Universitat

Campus Universitat
PhDs, Philosophy, Mathematics.
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585 08007 Barcelona

Subway: L1 y L2.

The UAB is another big university in Barcelona, specially recognised by its research departments, with around 80 programs of PhD. VERY IMPORTANT: The main campus is not located in Barcelona. It is placed in Cerdanyola del Vallés, around 15km away from Barcelona. This can affect your decision on where to live:

  • If you live in the residence of the UAB: you will be near the university, but absolutely isolated because there is nothing else around, no shops, no leisure, no restaurants, etc. NOT RECOMMENDED unless you want precisely to be isolated to focus exclusively on your studies.
  • You can also live in the surrounding cities (Cerdanyola, Sant Cugat del Vallés or Sabadell), where you could find shops, services and everything necessary to have a comfortable life.
  • Living in Barcelona, our beautiful city, with its uncountless leisure possibilities, gastronomy, beach, parties, etc. If you choose this option we recommend you to live nearby the public transport that connects Barcelona with the UAB. There are basically two types of public transport to the UAB, both of them trains: Renfe or Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat. You can also get there by bus, but it takes much more time. If you take the Renfe it is recommended to live near the stations of Sant Andreu Arenal, Sagrera, Arc de Triomf or Catalunya. If you take the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat, the main stations are in plaza Catalunya, Diagonal (Provença) or Gracia. In any case, and despite the distance, it takes 30 minutes to get to the university. So we definitely would recommend you to live in Barcelona because it is a great city.

Ramon Llull is a private university and the younger of all i explain you. It’s working since 1991 but is also really big with more than 17.000 students.
It’s composed by 11 institutions in total so, although they could have some centralized formalities, is very probable you will receive the classes on some of that other institution.
Knowing that, one more time is very important to take notice where will you be in your class to discover how to arrive or where to live with no problems. The all associate institutions are next: IQS, Blanquerna, La Salle, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education and Social Work Pere Tarrés, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Sant Ignasi HTSI, Observatory of Ebro, Institute Bioethics Borja, Institute of Mental Health Vidal and Barraquer and Superior School of Design ESDi.

As you can see in the map, the UPF has different buildings in different locations of Barcelona, but all of them in the same area, less than 15 minutes walking from the Parc de la Ciutadella. Besides, all of them are central located, so they are easily reachable by subway.

The easiest way to study in Barcelona in terms of location is the UPC, because all of its faculties are located in the same area of the city center: Zona Universitaria and Palau Reial.



ESADE (Esade Business and Law School)
ESADE is the greatest acknowledged Business School in Barcelona, highlighted also in an international level. Like most of the universities in Barcelona, it has buildings in different places of the city and surroundings, but all of them are located in the city, so you could easily live in Barcelona. The main ESADE building is located in Pedralbes, the most expensive neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Av. Pedralbes, 60-62 E-08034 Barcelona


IESE Business School
IESE is centralised in Pedralbes Campus. All of the information can be found in their website that you can find by clicking in this link.


EAE (EAE Business School)
EAE is a Business School located in the city center of Barcelona: Calle Aragón 55


EADA (EADA Business School)
EADA is a Business School located in the city center of Barcelona: Calle Aragón 204


We are aware of the enormous amount of universities and Business Schools, as well as language schools, where you can study in Barcelona. For that reason, although it is impossible to describe all of them, if you have any doubt you can contact us via email: info@study-barcelona.com and we will try to help you.

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